May 30, 2017

I guess it is a holdover from my touring days, but every time I go out of town I always carry a sleeping bag. You never know what situation you may find yourself in and it is a good idea to have your sleep situation taken care of before you end up curled under a dirty towel on some dude's shag carpet.

Since I first heard about the Poler Napsack I knew it was a good idea. There haven't been a ton of innovations made to the traditional sleeping bag over time, but Poler threw their same quirky practicality at an age old product and came up with something that seriously rules.

*Photo courtesy of Poler Stuff™

Any time I bust out the Napsack people can't help but stare - first out of curiosity, but then out of shear wonder. The Napsack attaches perfectly to my Poler Rucksack so that it is easy to carry. No bulky sleeping bag to lug around. 

Then when it is time to get cozy and call it a night I slip into my Napsack and easily can walk around and do whatever else I need to do before I crash. Even if you aren't going to sleep right away it is still great to just kick it in. In the morning I pop up and can make coffee or lounge around until I'm ready to get the day started. 

*Photo courtesy of Poler Stuff™

If you love your gear to be both practical and quirky then i Hope you find yourself in a Napsack really soon. 

Gear up here to get your own Napsack direct from or come by and see us. 


-Drew Mellon

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