June 26, 2017

Typically when we are out filming for a skate video and a security guard or Jackson Police Department (JPD) officer shows up it’s understood that you ask for one more try, pack up all the camera equipment and ultimately move on to the next spot. It’s the rinse and repeat of street skating.

As per usual on this particular Sunday, I rolled out of bed at nearly lunch time and sent out the text “What spot - What time?”  I then grabbed my gear and rolled out.

We met near the King Edward Hotel in Downtown Jackson and skated a couple of blocks to the first spot we planned on filming that day. While I set up my camera gear, Jackson skater Alex Chepkevich started getting warmed up. A few warm up tries later and we see blue lights flashing. We were expecting to be asked to leave, but instead we were met with a smiling face. Officer Williams asked if she could watch Alex skate and then cheered him on as he got his trick. She even took time for a quick skateboard lesson. 

Officer Williams saw us in the process of creation rather than assuming we were in the act of destruction. Every now and then you meet someone who is great example of community. Someone who believes in what is possible if we focus more on the WE and less of the I.

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