July 31, 2017

Mastermind behind this operation and neighborhood vigilante, Chane, was able to crawl out of a pothole long enough to be able to sit down with Casey Combest of Blue Sky Studios on the Made in Mississippi podcast last week. Casey's podcast focuses on interviewing local Mississippians on business experience, hard learned lessons, and more. He's had several of our fellow Jacksonians on there in recent past and now Chane's joined those ranks.

In this episode, Chane focuses in on our "try anything" philosophy and his roots and our roots. He details his past with how he ended up in New York, how he ended up in Fondren, and his experiences in the "school of hard knocks" and how he's learned it the wrong way. There's even a brief mention of a religious cult! So if you aren't sick of him yet, give it a listen through the link below.

listen to Chane babble here


(photo creds above to Jackson Free Press)

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