June 13, 2017

As we have come into our own skin over the past several years, experiences and a little maturity have shaped our desire to never really fit in. I was inspired one time when I saw an interview with Oasis about their music. Liam Gallagher, snarky as ever, stated that they just make music they like and don't really care if everyone else (f******) likes it or not. This stay-true-to-your-craft mindset always stuck with us. We did not open a store to get rich. If we did then skateboard products, great markdowns and experimentation would have been pushed out the door long ago. We adopted the mantra - “never sell out for a buck” and we have stayed the course. No designer jeans (UHHG!), no heelies, no trendy B.S. etc. We have opted for slow and steady growth vs the alternative because we knew that we were going to be in this for life and wanted to get it right. Our public has at times been slow to come around to our indie/alternative/take-no-prisoners/damn-the-man/status-quo-hating image...but that was the plan all along - to shape our existence without the plastic coating. Remember the movie Breaking Away (1979) about the low-lifes from the other side of the tracks who never stood a chance... we are proud to be those that have risen despite all the despites.

*Photo by CW Photography

The “Swell-o-Phonic” are those who hang their hat on the edge vs on the hook of the mainstream. We're not about being different for the sake of being different or for pretentious attention. We simply see the world differently from all of the clones with their Abercrombie t-shirts, flipped-up bangs, and from those who say “like” like every other word in like every sentence. We are not “like,” we “are!” 

The OUTSIDERS term seemed to fit for those who aspire to never fit. We adopted the term on our 19th anniversary to state our existence and personify our product offering. The term Outfitters seemed a bit overplayed and really just too fratboy for us. Thus here we are, carrying products for those who wish to worth the day with fresh air while beating a new path to anywhere or just nowhere. We offer products such as: skateboards, longboards, tents, knapsacks, fixie bikes etc. as you look for lost as sometimes your destiny. There's a really ugly place that we knew we never wanted to visit – that would be “the Box” As we shape our store's future, We see ourselves taking it to the outside both physically and putting our colors outside the lines forever.


Be a sly wit in a world full of pretenders

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