December 04, 2018

I was invited to a Dirty Santa (White Elephant, Yankee Swap, etc) party for this Christmas and was given a $10 limit and a Secret Santa party with a $15 limit. It's something you're glad to hear (especially around the holidays!) but at the same time, you feel immediately limited. But guess what? We. Are. Here. For. You. 

Easiest thing to come in from our shop and grab is a tee
You can let your friends dog it out over the Jesus Sees All of the Stupid Sh!t You do! shirt or on the other hand let them proudly remind people that Satan is a Dick. If you're in the Jackson area, we have some Jackson, MS-centric shirts with the ever-hilarious Jackson Jaws shirt or the City of Potholes shirt (for the friend who has replaced his or her tires three times this year!). All of these shirts are $20 which is the highest on our list but most likely to be the winner of your party!

If you need a cheaper option, we also have koozies, mugs, and buttons to fill any kind of price limit. 5 dollars? You've got the option between three buttons or a koozie! Even your Republican friends might get a kick out of your MAEEA (doesn't roll off the tongue quite as well) koozie! 2 dollars can even make your friends fight over the Bacon Gives Me a Lard-On button.
Okay, okay, you have *classy* friends who don't want *funny* things. Whatever. You probably need more fun friends but if you think they need something with a little more wear to it, Stance Socks have your back and you know it.
If you want Christmas-y, we have Grinch socks (that are fuzzy!) and the Its SNOW Lit socks but there are millions more in store and on our website. All of these will be $20 and under with most being in the $10-$14 range.


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