September 28, 2018

My name is Eli Childers and I’m a local visual artist in the Jackson Ms area. I work with lots of different mediums and on several different surfaces, but here lately I’ve really enjoyed doing paintings on Converse shoes. I just think there’s something really custom about painting something that people wear. Our eyes are automatically drawn in.

eli childers art 4

Shoes get us where we are going, much like art, so of course it seemed only natural. I’ve been personally blessed to outfit my own daughters with some custom Chuck Taylor’s. On these specific Converse Black High Top Shields (top of the page), I wanted to do something really clean but also kinda surreal - so I put some ghost wings on them. Something really dressed down but also like, “whoa, that’s abrupt and cool!” You can own this pair, size 10, for $100 - available only at Swell-O-Phonic.

My passion though is doing larger wall paintings... and if I’m honest my hope is to just create positive movement and impact in the world through my artwork even in the midst of constant change and upheaval. My art is a lighthouse to me, I hope it connects with others in that same way.
eli childers art 3
eli childers art 2
My other works have included large paintings in the leasing office of the Meridian apartment complex in fondren, a 3 month exhibit at the Greater Jackson art council, and smaller local shows including a body painting exhibition at the Mississippi Museum of art. 
eli childers art 1

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