December 12, 2017

Two huge Christmas related announcements!


 A decent amount of time into December which means... you're likely already tired of Christmas music! BUT we've put together a collection of songs that can help you stay in the festive mood but also not make you want to strangle yourself with your twinkling Christmas lights. We even limited our Sufjan Stevens Christmas songs to only 6 and that's a harder task than you'd realize (on that note, "Christmas Unicorn" is a gem and a can't miss track). So while you get your final shopping done (I hear is a *great* place to shop), don't worry and remember "Everything's Going to Be Cool This Christmas". 


That's right! Over the next 12 days we will be having a different sale everyday! So stay tuned to our instagram (@swellophonic) to stay up to date on what the current sale is. Sales last one day only! 


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